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Consumer indirect misbehavior in access-based consumption is a significant challenge for enterprises. The literature is in short of a deep understanding of the antecedent conditions of consumer indirect misbehavior in this context and limited by inconsistent findings, calling for developing a holistic and integrative theoretical framework. This study integrates three commonly used theoretical perspectives in the consumer misbehavior literature (i.e., deterrence, rational decision-making, and ethical decision-making) to present holistic archetypes of consumer indirect misbehavior formation. In accordance with this theoretical objective, we adopted an emerging approach for configurational analysis, i.e., fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA), to analyze the complex combinations of six influencing factors. We collected data using a scenario-based field survey of 264 experienced consumers of a popular bike-sharing service in China. The scenarios were developed based on relevant literature and a Delphi study. The fsQCA results reveal multiple configurations for high and low levels of consumer misbehavior intention. Specifically, perceived benefits and moral definition play important roles, while the effect of sanctions is highly dependent on other factors. These results lead us to derive three theoretical propositions for antecedent conditions leading to consumers’ indirect misbehavior intentions in access-based consumption. This study enriches our understanding of the causes of misbehavior and provides novel insights for management practitioners to take appropriate countermeasures.


周中允博士,同济大学副教授、博士生导师,上海高校特聘教授(东方学者),中国信息经济学会理事。专注数字赋能与数字治理领域的研究、教学和社会服务。第一/通讯作者论文发表在Journal of Management Information Systems、Journal of Business Ethics、Decision Support Systems、Information & Management、《管理科学学报》等学术期刊,入选ESI高被引,获中国信息经济学青年创新奖。任Information Systems Journal (ABS-4) 等4本SSCI期刊Senior/Associate Editor。